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Holiday Doors

One of Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School Traditions is when the staff and students decorate their doors for the Holiday Season. It was a very hard decision for our judges, but they were able to come up with first, second and third prize winners for our A,B and Upstairs Wings. Congratulations to the following winners:

A Wing: 1st Place Ms. Tsolis’ 1st Grade Class, 2nd Place Mrs. Cardo’s 1st Grade Class and Third Place Mrs. McDaniel’s Kindergarten Class.

B Wing: 1st Place Mrs. Curnow’s 3rd Grade Class, 2nd Place Ms. Greenwood’s 2nd Grade Class, and Third Place Mrs. Nevola’s Second Grade Class.

Upstairs Wing: 1st Place Ms. Cardozo’s Homeroom, 2nd Place Ms. Cohen’s 5th Grade Class, 3rd Place Ms. LeGrand’s Homeroom.

Again, Congratulations to all! Everyone’s door looked amazing!!!