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Pre-K-3 November Theme

Month of November Homework Project
Each month we will have a project that corresponds with the theme in our curriculum, which will be due at the end of the month. This month you have three choices, YOU ONLY NEED TO HAND IN ONE PROJECT, unless you wish to do more with your child.
Projects are due Friday November 22, 2019.
We will continue the theme My Family!
The central themes are: Who’s in my family; We take care of each other; Family fun; All kinds of families.

Thank you, Ms. Trapani

“Family Celebration” Collage
Create a college about how, and what your family celebrates together (Birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, events, etc.). You can draw pictures, use photos, magazine/newspaper clippings, the internet, etc. Bring it in to share with the class!
“We Take Care of Each Other” Book
Create a book about how you take care of each other and help one another in your family (choirs you do together and separate, who brushes your hair/teeth or helps you, who makes the bed, dinner, how do you all help take care of the family pet, etc.). You can draw pictures or use photos, and have an adult write under your drawings or photos. Book should not be longer than 6 pages total, (example: 3 pieces of paper folded together). Bring it in to share with the class!
“We are Thankful for Each Other” Poster
Using construction paper or a poster, have each member of your family write or narrate a sentence about why they are thankful to be a part of your family. You can draw a picture of your whole family or use a large photo, just make sure you are all in it (you can have just your immediate family involved or your extended family as well, its up to you). Bring it in to share with the class!